by Cl. Jins Joseph & Father Leon Cruz for BISMumbai

Sunday, 19 January 2020 was observed as Oratory Day in Divyadaan: Salesian Institute of Philosophy, Nashik. The event was organized for the children of the daily oratory. Those aspiring to be part of the daily oratory were also invited. The presence of the parents made the event more colourful.

The event began with a prayer service conducted by the brothers. Father Robert Pen, the Rector, along with the representatives from the brothers, children, and the parents, lit the Indian lamp and inaugurated the oratory day. After a short video on the daily oratory activities, the game stalls were opened. Various chance games were organized for the children and they could play the games of their choice using the game coupons. Separate games were organized for the parents. The main attraction of the event was the “one minute to fame,” in which the children were given the opportunity to exhibit their talents before the crowd. At around 05: 45 p.m. tea and snacks were served and then all assembled in the auditorium for the short musical play performed by the boys of the daily oratory. The play titled “From Darkness to Light,” portrayed wonderfully the addictions of youth and was indeed a motivational one. The event was successful with a participation of more than hundred children and parents.