BIS #6830 Trio-Fiesta 2022 at DB Borivli

By Mr Wencelaus Rebello for BISMumbai

On 13 November 2022, the Don Bosco Youth Movement of St John Bosco Church, Borivli, organised Trio-Fiesta 2022. This event was a festival consisting of three sports: badminton, carom, and table tennis. One of the important reasons in organising this tournament was to bring the parishioners together in a spirit of harmony and recreation.

The tournament began at 11.00 a.m. with the opening ceremony and a prayer led by Fr Renold Lemos, the Youth Director. In his short message he stressed on the importance of remembering the maxim of Don Bosco: Run, jump, play but do not sin.

The badminton and carrom tournaments had two categories - the singles and doubles - while table tennis had only singles. Since the tournament was open to all, there were parishioners of different age groups participating from the various zones of the parish. All participants gave their best and put up a good ‘fight’ which led to healthy competition with a good spirit of sportspersons. The referees were chosen from among the youth themselves. “The referees did a commendable job. They were not biassed which made the tournament run smoothly,” commented one of the participants.

For most of the tournament, there was a spirit of cheerfulness and amiability. Having participants from all age groups competing together gave the event the feeling of a family coming together to recreate and spend time in each other’s company. The tournament ended at 5 pm with a sense of satisfaction on the faces of the organisers for having executed the event so efficiently.

The prize distribution for this tournament will be held on Sunday, 19 November 2022 during the 9.30 a.m. Mass, where the winners will be awarded with a certificate and a medal. The DBYM workforce was involved wholeheartedly in the event till the very end and did a great job to organise this tournament over the weekend for the parishioners.

Trio-Fiesta has been an annual event organised by the youth of the parish for the parishioners to showcase their skills and express their love for each of these sports.