BIS #6501 Vasai Don Bosco Past-Pupils meet at JyotiMata Church

by Father Richard Burkhao for BISMumbai

The Don Bosco past pupils [alumni] of Vasai had their general meeting on Sunday, 17 October 2021, at Jyoti Mata Church, with the aim of bringing together all the past pupils and forming an official Don Bosco Past Pupil Unit of Vasai. Altogether 40, senior and junior past pupils attended the event.

It began with the Eucharist celebrated by Priest Incharge Father William Falcao. The mass was offered specially for all the deceased MumbaiSalesians' past-pupils delegates, and the deceased past pupils from Vasai. After the Eucharist, all met in the hall for the meeting. The following members were appointed as the members of Election Committee: John Dmello, Agnel Carneiro, Jonas Rebello, Alex Pereira and Smith Barboz. Father Falcao explained that any student who had entered Don Bosco school or educational institution is eligible to be a past pupil. For the purpose of membership, Father Falcao said he will start working, and keep ready, duly printed: - Membership Forms, Receipt books, stamps, etc. before the elections.

It was decided to organise a Marian Nite for the past pupils on 04 December 2021. It was also suggested to have recollection and confessions for the past pupils on a quarterly basis. Similarly suggestions with regards to annual retreat, picnics, etc. were also given.

Since most of the members were new, a short self-introductory session was organised. In order to revive the Salesian spirit, Father Burkhao animated the group with an action song and a short interesting party game. The meeting concluded with the sumptuous lunch sponsored by one of the past pupils. A few past-pupils said that they were waiting for such event and gathering so that they will get an occasion to be to be grateful to Don Bosco for making them who they are.