BIS #6580 Book on Yoga released online at DBYC Pune

by Christopher Nadar for BISMumbai

Salesian scholastic Ian Pinto, pursuing his studies in Theology at Pune, has written a book on Yoga entitled ‘The Concept of Yogic Liberation’ focusing deeply on Patanjali Yoga which is the initial and original form of Yoga. He shares with us a small summary of the book:

Patanjali's method of yoga consisted of 8 steps or limbs called astanga yoga. They are a guide to the yogin or yoga practitioner for achieving moksa. They begin with simple ethical rules and practices, bodily exercises and breathing techniques but then move into deeper forms of meditation that help a person gain ascendancy over the mind and body, thereby achieving a higher state of consciousness.

Yoga is actually a spiritual journey and a very challenging one at that. It encourages those who practice it to become masters over their mind first and then subsequently over their body. This is a very noble offering and I feel that many should take up yoga’s spirituality as there are great benefits to be reaped from it. Yoga can help us deal with our emotions, our desires and can guide us to making better and healthier choices.

The book was released online by Father Ian Doulton and present for the occasion were many prominent persons who have played an important role in assisting Ian Pinto all through his writing journey. Father Robert Pen, the guide who helped Pinto tremendously when he was structuring the book spoke extensively about the book and appreciated Pinto for his commitment and efforts made to integrate Yoga and Christianity.

Smt. Maria Partapurwala, a seasoned yoga instructor gave a live demonstration of Yoga poses that people can practice at home without any need of other resources. Father Doulton appreciated Pinto on his commendable work and released the book during the online meet.

Speaking on his writing experience, Pinto thanked all those who assisted him in his journey of writing this book and enlightened everyone on his purpose of writing the book. FMA nun Teresa Joseph proposed the vote of thanks thanking all those who were instrumental in making the event a success acknowledging those who accepted the invitation and were present for the occasion.