BIS #7091 A Step Towards Organic Farming at DB Kawant

By Fr Mayank Parmar for BISMumbai

In a transformative initiative, DISHA Don Bosco, Kawant, organised an enriching training and exposure programme for 27 tribal farmers of Kawant Taluka. The event, held on 17 October 2023, at the Don Bosco, Kawant, witnessed the valuable insights of Mr Shaileshbhai Rathwa, a master trainer of the Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) Project and an expert in organic farming.

The training commenced with a ceremonial lamp lighting by the resource person and the Director of DISHA, Fr Mayank Parmar. In his welcome address, Fr Parmar underscored the significance of organic farming in combating the global warming crisis. Mr Rathwa then delved into the intricate processes, methodologies, and outcomes of organic farming.

The day's sessions left an indelible mark on the participants, who expressed a keen interest in witnessing nearby successful models of organic farming. Responding swiftly, the DISHA team organised an exposure trip to Tilakwada on 23 October.

The exposure journey commenced in Lavakoi village of Nashvadi Taluka, where the participants convened at Mr Pravinbhai Harjibhai's home. Here, they witnessed the craft of creating incense sticks and cow dung lamps, which are both eco-friendly and cost-effective. Pravinbhai also led the group to his organic farm, showcasing practices like the jivamrut process and other medicinal techniques that eschew chemical intervention while yielding evident results. Participants left with newfound motivation and posed insightful questions, all of which were answered to their satisfaction.

The second leg of the exposure trip brought the group to Goyavat village, where they met Mr Ramanbhai Rathwa, another dedicated practitioner of organic farming. Ramanbhai's innovative approach included a roadside shop selling organic vegetables and farm products, eliminating the need for middlemen. Mr Ganesh Rathwa, one of the participants, lauded this method as a game-changer for marketing and a path to healthier living.

The third visit led the group to Samarpura village. Here, they met with Mr Bhil Bharatbhai Narsinghbhai, who embraced organic farming to transform his family's health. Once plagued by sickness, he adopted organic produce for personal consumption, resulting in improved well-being. The fourth and final stop was Tilakwada village, where the participants convened with Gopalbhai, an ingenious fabricator turned award-winning organic farmer. Gopalbhai's innovative approach, including mixed farming of various crops, not only won him a district award but also inspired him to strive for a state award. His insights left a lasting impression on all participants.

By the end of the day, the overwhelming consensus among the participants was to embark on their organic farming journey. The DISHA staff pledged to provide unwavering support as they take the first steps towards a sustainable and organic future.