BIS #6547 SDB-FMA Novices Youth Ministry Seminar

by Elton Fernandes & Cleric Hubert Lyngdoh for BISMumbai

A 02-day seminar on Youth Ministry was conducted by Father Leon Cruz for the SDB and FMA novices of Salesian Training Centre (STI) and Sacred Heart Training Centre (SHTC) together, on 13 and 14 December, at STI Nashik. Father Cruz was assisted by FMA nun Jaya Pedthala in animating the 13 novices (7 SDB and 6 FMA).

The 1st day of the seminar began at 9 am, with a prayer and an icebreaker. The first session on the 'Creative Plougher' was then presented by Father Cruz, who insightfully spoke about the needs and methods for a creative ministry in the mission field. After a tea break, the next session began at 11am, wherein Father Cruz explained the meaning and definition of SYM (SalesianYouth Movement) and enlightened them about the various groups / movements that are part of the SYM, viz., CTF (Covid Task Force), YGR (Young Green Researchers), AWC (AffordableWellness Care), etc.

The novices were divided into 04 groups; and each group was assigned a project on how to plan and conduct major youth events and programmes, such as Boscoree, SYMBIOS, and Vocation Camps. The novices actively participated in the sharing and planning. At 2.30 pm, a session on 'Auxillium Youth Ministry (AYM)' was presented by Sister Pedthala. In the evening at 5.30, there was an 'Youth Interaction', and to enrich the interaction, Father Cruz invited 06 youth who had attended different programmes of SYM to share their experiences and interact with the novices.

On the second day, at 9am, Father Cruz took a session on the 'Shepherd’s Dream', sharing about Don Bosco’s dream at 9. He spoke about the need to imitate and imbibe the leadership qualities of the Shepherd. At 11am, the novices presented to each other about their planning and discussion on the previous day’s assigned youth ministry project. At 2.30 pm, Father Cruz, accompanied by Father Joel, Sister Jaya and Cleric Hubert, took the novices for a nature trail to Kashyapi, Nashik. The novices had a refreshing time, climbing and enjoying the breeze of the mountain. They played some party games, sang carols, took photographs, had snacks and enjoyed their togetherness. The 02-day seminar ended with this beautiful refreshing moment, and at 6.00 pm, all returned to their respective communities.