BIS #6323 Fr Pravin Makwana & Fr Ashwin Mal: 'A Salesian Journey' for Vocation Animation

by BISMumbai Correspondent

Inviting the young people who are consistently searching for meaning and accompanying them to discern and decide their future life-course, is a task for mentors, spiritual directors and genuine educators of the young. The Salesian Youth Ministry [SYM] is proposed as a seed-bed for vocations and vocational orientation.

The MumbaiSalesians' Vocational Guidance Dimension of the SYM, with a clear purpose to inspire, motivate and encourage the young, has put together a few video-stories for the purpose of 'vocation' animation. Initiated by Father Blany Pinto-Rector Don Bosco Lonavla and Vocational Guidance Dimension in-charge, together with MumbaiSalesians' Vocation Animator-Father Velasli Bandya, the 08 videos are available among other vocation-videos on the MumbaiSalesians Youtube Channel with specific focus on 'to be a Salesian'.

Father Ashwin Mal narrates his 'vocation' experience and the journey to be a Salesian, while his parents and siblings share their journey of accompaniment, encouragement and support. Father Pravin Makwana shares his response to serve as a Salesian of Don Bosco, while his mother and immediate family provide a peek into the life-changing journey. These videos are intended to help young people orient their lives and life-calling in response to God who constantly calls ordinary people, especially the young, to make of their lives a generous offering in service of the poor and the most vulnerable.

Filmed on location in Jhabua-Madhya Pradesh and Savli-Gujarat, the videos are available in varied time-duration formats in English, Hindi and Gujarati. The videos were conceived, scripted and shot through the aegis of the MumbaiSalesians' Social Communications team with JMedia based in Vadodara.