BIS #6376 Don Bosco Chhotaudepur 'Green Care' with 10K saplings

by Cleric Sanket Chauhan for BISMumbai

On 07 July, 2021, Don Bosco Chhotaudepur carried out a 'Green Care' campaign to create awareness for a 'green environment'. The initiative by Father Jerome Edison Aruldass, was achieved through contacting the District Nursery for 10,000 saplings, in 03 phases, of Bamboo, Neem, Tulsi, Mehndi, Moringa, Indian Gooseberry, Ashoka, flowering plants and other forest trees like Teak, and RainTrees. These saplings are to to be planted in various important points of the villages like pre-primary schools, primary Schools, Gram Panchayat offices, lands on the banks of flowing rivulets.

Rain is a blessing for all, yet there are certain disadvantages to be taken care of. Each year, heavy rains fill up the river creatign overflow onto the villages and beside the Don Bosco campus too. The velocity and currents, erodes the soil further diminishing the river banks, simultaneously leading to a crisis of land-loss, for many villagers and farmers. Hence, all the saplings will be distributed among the villagers, as they are encouraged to contribute towards creating a green environment that conserves nature and saves their land.

In the Don Bosco campus itself, 2000 bamboo-saplings were planted all around the campus, especially in the part that faces the river. It is hoped that this will prevent soil erosion. Fr Aruldass says, "This pandemic year we renew our love and care for nature with this campaign of Green Care. We aim to give more and more green care to create a green heart for nature"