by Father Blany Pinto for BISMumbai

Don Bosco Apostolic and Aspirantate Facility at Lonavla is a place of vocational animation, mentoring, discernment, and accompaniment. Each year many young boys desirous of following Christ the Don Bosco way make an application to join and post-selection, have a lived experience in the company of the Salesians of Don Bosco. After their experience at Don Bosco Lonavla they proceed to Don Bosco Loutolim for their Pre-Novitiate. BISMumbai Interview Series with pre-novices continues with interview 03 featuring Ralston Rozario.

1. Tell us something about yourself; your likes, hobbies, favourite things, etc.?

I like listening to Hillsongs. My favourite icon is the Divine Mercy of Jesus and Mary Help of Christians. My favourite movie is The Passion of The Christ.

2. Can you share something about your family? (parents, childhood, growing up,etc)

My family consists of my dad, mom, an older sister and I. My mother is an active member in the Church (Sunday School teacher, Lector, Cantor during weekdays). I grew up as a happy and God fearing child attending Mass daily from Class 05 onwards, and as an altar-server. Post-X, I joined the youth choir, and was a Lector too.

3. Why DBLonavla? What makes you go ahead to the PNC?

To become a holy Catholic priest continuing the mission of Jesus, I need to be trained, and so I look forward to joining PNC.

4. Any particular dream, aspiration that you have as a possible SDB?

My dream is to serve young people and help them become good human beings.

5. Any favourite moment, experience or interactions with SDBs or any other priests, nuns, brothers?

All the interactions with the Salesian fathers and brothers I met was good, and friendly. They came across as dedicated in service and encouraging. Fathers Ivan Rodgriues, McEnroe Lopes, Blany Pinto, Jeffrey Fernandes, Velasli Bandya, Clerics Avil Correa, Nathaniel George and Br. Aliester.

6. What do you think the Church should do now in this time of uncertainty?

Nothing happens without the knowledge of God. So the Church should wait in prayer.

7. What about challenges? Do you think you can cope with it?

By God's grace I feel I will be able to cope up with the challenges.

8. Why Don Bosco? Why not anyone else?

I love Mother Mary, so I wanted to join the congregation founded by Mother Mary. The Don Bosco Madonna magazine that came to my house every month, since my childhood, attracted me towards Don Bosco who also had a Marian devotion.

9. Any particular quote or prayer or line or saying of DB that has struck you?

The favourite quotes of Don Bosco which I like the most are:

1. Have devotion to Mary Help of Christians and you will see what miracles are.

2. Give me souls, take away the rest.

10. As you finish with DBLonavla, what message to the Salesians, & your other companions after you?

To the Salesians I would like to say "you all are very talented, disciplined, encouraging, friendly and always looking forward to the welfare of the boys and bringing out their hidden talents." To the boys, my friends who are still in Don Bosco Lonavla, I would say, " make use of the opportunities given to you at Don Bosco Lonavla which you will never get anywhere else. Do your best for the greater glory of God."