BIS #7048 Celebration of Grandparents’ Day at DB Nerul

By Ms Roselin Rayan for BISMumbai

The Grandparents Day celebration, held on 8 September 2023 at Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Nerul, was a heart-warming and memorable event. The celebrations highlighted the contributions of the grandparents in creating a harmonious and loving community. The celebrations aimed to honour and appreciate the invaluable role that grandparents play in the life of every individual. It brought together families, students, and staff to celebrate the wisdom, love, and guidance that grandparents provide every day.

The event began with a prayer-action song by the teachers and was followed by a warm welcome address by the Rector, Fr Barnabe D’Souza. He emphasized the significant role grandparents play in family life. The school e-magazine, based on the Strenna of the Rector Major for 2023 that delves into the lay dimension in the Salesian family, was released by Fr D’Souza. This set the tone for the day, invoking a sense of gratitude and respect. Students from the foundational stage presented a dance performance and made flowers and greeting cards for their grandparents. There were spot prizes, a lucky draw, and a sharing session led by the head teacher, Ms Jyotsna D’Souza, during which the grandparents shared their old memories with all the participants. 

Ms Habiba Ghadiyali and Ms Swapnali Gaikwad from Adhata Trust, an NGO dedicated to running a well-being program for senior citizens at Don Bosco Academy, Nerul, conducted an informative orientation session. This well-being program for senior citizens serves the dual purpose of fostering intergenerational bonds and engaging numerous volunteers in the mission of the community. The session provided valuable insights and evoked a sense of nostalgia, resonating with all participants. As a result, a significant number of grandparents expressed keen interest in becoming part of this meaningful program.

A delightful spread of refreshments was served to all the participants. A selfie booth for grandparents, allowing them to take selfies with their grandchildren and the beautiful backdrop added charm to the entire program. The celebration received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the attendees. 

It was a heartening event that celebrated the role of grandparents in our lives. It brought together generations, strengthened family bonds, and created an atmosphere of love, respect, and appreciation.