BIS #6587 Interfaith Prayer for Ukraine and peace, at Bosco Boys Home

by Cleric Gaurav Sansare for BISMumbai

An Interfaith Prayer was organized in Bosco Boys Home with almost 100 people - students of BBH, staff, religious leaders, well wishers and neighbours. The objective was to pray for the peace between the two countries at war - Russia and Ukraine.

The meeting started with welcoming the different Religious Leaders and Representatives and lighting of the lamp. Father Corlis Gonsalves in his speech focused on the reasons of the conflict and stressed that war is never the answer. War only worsens the situation, affecting the innocent lives, families, children, infrastructure of the country and the harmony. He further highlighted that children will be affected the most as they will lose either or both their parents. It is heartbreaking even to imagine that once a thriving country will now be under the influence of deep trauma, loss and pain for generations to come.

This meeting was dedicated to lift up all the broken, wounded and helpless citizens of Ukraine and Russia.

Each guest spoke about their own religion. Shri Dixit Pandit said, "people should not come together by the intentions of business but also by social humanity." Then the Maulana said "youth are the bright future of our country, so they need to work hard and stand for each other. He also said that we should be like a honeybee in our life and think good about others." The well known Onkar Satnam Mantra was played and explained by the Sikh priest.

The prayer ended with a peace march holding placards.