Brother Allan Netto for BISMumbai

On 21 July, the proprietor’s of M/s. Professional Fire & Safety Services, Pratik Hatwalane and his brother Rohan Hatwalane, came to Don Bosco Savedi & demonstrated the uses of fire extinguishers. The teaching and non-teaching staff availed of this training.

They were informed about the different types of gases used. They were also told that when a fire extinguisher technician visits, each extinguisher is subject to a stringent 20-point check before it can be declared 'safe to use'. This helps to identify any extinguisher which has reached end-of-life rather than ending up with an extinguisher that will not function or worse, becomes a danger to the employees.

Fire extinguishers play a very important role in first-aid fire-fighting. They can make a big difference in a small localized incident that is quickly put out, before the fire and rescue service arrives. This avoids putting life, property and environment at risk. If ignored, fire extinguishers have a hidden risk: a failure to operate if not properly maintained. Fire extinguishers are provided to give first-aid fire-fighting capability. These fire extinguishers could be installed in schools, houses, factories, offices, shops, and boardings, which could be beneficial for all purposes and be a life saver in dangerous times.

Towards the end of the training, a teacher, a librarian and a non-teaching staff were asked to handle the equipment and demonstrate its use. They were happy since they had learnt the basic information of the equipment, its use and misuse. Also, all those present for the training and those who had no clue on how to handle the equipment were happy to receive this training.