BIS #6746 STI Celebrates Marian Nite

By Novice Joshua Ferrao for BISMumbai

On the evening of 12 August 2022, the STI novitiate community (SDB) along with the novitiate community of Sacred Heart Training Centre (FMA), celebrated the Marian Nite on the first day of the Triduum of the Solemnity of the Assumption.

Efficiently organized by the assistants of the communities, Cl. Hubert Lyngdoh and Sr Jaya Pedhtala, the program proved to be a great success. There were games and other activities aptly designed to suit the theme for the evening ‘Mary in Don Bosco’s Dreams’. The activities proved a great means for learning more about our Blessed Mother, the irreplaceable role she has played in the life of Don Bosco, and how she continues to guide the congregation even today.

The novices had their creativity put to the test, with impromptu skits, slogans, dances, songs, and imaginary tours of Marian Shrines around India which helped to further expand their knowledge of Mary.

The joy and festivity of the event was further enhanced by the gracious presence of the staff members of both communities who were a great support to the teams. The program ended with the prize distribution and the singing of the ‘Ave Maria’.