BIS #6387 Don Bosco SYM at St. Joesph's Lonavla

by Brother Aliester D’Souza, St. Joseph's & for BISMumbai

On 18 July 2021, Deacon Joyston Machado and Brother Aliester D’Souza met with the young people of St. Joseph’s Parish Lonavla, to introduce them to the Don Bosco Salesian Youth Movement [SYM]. The intense interaction with 20 young people at the meeting, was a hope-filled encounter of dialogue and future endeavours.

Parish Priest-Father Elias Rodrigues, extended his wholehearted support and cooperation to the Salesian community at Don Bosco Lonavla to animate the young people of the parish. He also expressed his happiness at the young people of St. Joseph's Parish Church being of service to the Church and society.

Father Blany Pinto-Rector Don Bosco Lonavla, welcomed the young people, and introduced the SYM local delegate, Deacon Machado. Thereafter the young assembly was introduced , by Brother D'Souza, to the concepts of choice, commitment, collaboration and cooperation, essential elements of the SYM. Deacon Machado then explained vividly and elaborately, the Salesian Youth Spirituality, and the activities of the SYM.