by Cleric Ankit Devda for BISMumbai

Don Bosco Chhotaudepur celebrated the life and contribution of Father Byron D'Silva to the Salesian works and the uplift of the indegenous people in the Rath Vistar on 27 June 2020, with a special commemorative mass on his month's mind.

Father Issac Arackaparambil presided at the celebration. He read out a letter written by Father D'Silva to a parishioner of Don Bosco Church Makarpura-Vadodara, narrating his call, sacrifice and mission in Gujarat. Fathers Stanny Ferreira and Lorenzo D'Souza recollected with fondness their personal experiences with Father D'Silva, while Gordan Rathwa and Saniya Rathwa narrated the instances of encouragement, support, education and empowerment of the Rathwa people, in Chhotaudepur, Kawant and Narukot. The life-testimony of prayer, ardent desire to work tirelessly for the good of the people, the many activities of education and self-identification with the locals, were the main highlights.

Three tribute videos were screened post-communion, enkindling fond memories and evoking unforgettable moments of Father D'Silva's life. Confreres, staff, teachers, alumni and parishioners of Chhotaudepur participated in the mass. Father Brian Boothello expressed his gratitude for the moment of prayer, remembrance and participation, making this a fitting and memorable tribute to Father D'Silva.