BIS #6689 Leaders Training Seminar

By Cl Alan D’Silva for BIS Mumbai

On 8 July 2022 Don Bosco High School, Kawant, organised a one-day leadership training seminar for its newly appointed leaders. The seminar was held with the goal of motivating them to grow in leadership and responsibility. Fr Ashwin Macwan, the Director of Amrutdhara (Don Bosco Animation Centre), Kapadvanj was the speaker for the seminar which saw the participation of 56 leaders.

The seminar began with a short prayer moment. The students were divided into groups. This followed a series of puzzles, discussions, value-based videos and quotes about leadership. Fr Macwan also highlighted the values of leadership depicted in the movie- ‘Manjhi’. Mast. Viraj Rathwa, the Head boy of the school remarked: “I have learnt a lot about leadership; how I ought to be an example for others to follow.”

The programme ended at noon with a song- ‘Hum tayyar hai’. The student leaders were motivated to perform their duties as models and guides with renewed vigour and zeal.