BIS #6871 English Euphoria at Don Bosco Lonavla

By Cl. Ethan Fortes for BISMumbai

The students of the English Academy at Don Bosco, Lonavla, organized an English Euphoria Evening for all the aspirants on 11 January 2023. The purpose for the Euphoria was to help boost the level of confidence of the students of the English Academy.

Students were asked to recite poems that they had learnt, while also narrate stories with a moral. Each of the students presented a particular style of poetry: haiku, ballad, sonnet, and so on. Interspersed all through the event, the students also quizzed the aspirants through puzzles, riddles and brain-teasers.

Apart from the teachers of the English Academy, the event was also graced by Ms Asgari Sayeed, a teacher at Don Bosco, Lonavla, and Mrs Sandhya, a former teacher at Auxilium Convent, Lonavla. Both the teachers are passionate and committed towards helping the young better themselves.

All through their stay at Lonavala during the past months, the students of the English Academy also worked on developing various skills and talents. Some of them showcased these in front of the audience. A number of them sang songs and hymns in English while a few others played instrumental medleys for the aspirants.

Fr Joyston Machado, the Prefect of Studies, encouraged the young students to give in their best and to be courageous in standing in front of people to speak in English. Another interesting aspect of the whole event was the role play that the students prepared in pairs. Each pair prepared a short skit enacting two characters while engaging in conversation. A spontaneous interactive session was also carried out wherein, the aspirants asked the English Academy students to speak extempore on a topic given to them. These topics ranged from quotations to short imaginative questions. The students were asked to deliver a minute long talk after preparing themselves for half a minute.

Some of the aspirants marveled at the level of improvement in each of the students of the English Academy. Anurag Kamliya, one of the aspirants, said that he was quite impressed with the efforts the students took to improve their English. Fr Blany Pinto, the Rector, congratulated the students and the teachers for their hard work in bringing to reality this creative endeavor.