BIS #6324 BGVK COVID Care Centre 'home away from home'

by Father Nelson Mudaliar for BISMumbai

The number of people tested positive in Ahmednagar has been increasing rapidly. The cost of getting a proper treatment is expensive considering the financial situation of the locals and the migrant workers in Ahmednagar. Bosco Gramin Vikas Kendra (BGVK) Kedgaon in collaboration with Ahmednagar Municipal Corporation (AMC) has started an on campus COVID Care Centre (CCC).

After adequately sanitizing the place, and in accordance with the guidelines of managing such a centre, BGVK prepared beds in 06 dormitories and 04 rooms. The admission process of the patients is done as per the stated guidelines. The Municipality has given adequate tablets,cough syrup and has allotted a doctor and a nurse to take frequent rounds. The patients’ oxygen levels, saturation levels and temperature are recorded twice daily. They are also provided warm water from the water dispenser just outside the dormitory. Thanks to a generous donor, steam inhalers are also provided. The BGVK kitchen supplies much-appreciated warm and nutritious meals at breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner.

A typical day begins with a morning prayer song, followed by exercise, yoga and meditation. Then instructions regarding their health and nutrition are given, after which all proceed for breakfast. After breakfast, their oxygen, saturation levels and temperature are recorded. Those feeling well and due for discharge are given further instructions as to how to take care of themselves when they are at home. Tablets and cough syrup are given to them as they move out. The others do a bit of cleaning and arranging their place of stay. For recreation, carrom boards are made available. Few of them spend time walking in the allotted spaces. Some talk to each other maintainig physical distance. Those who have complaints regarding their health discuss with the doctor and nurse.

The BGVK CCC started on 01 April with 19 patients. Till date, the CCC has catered to 156 patients. Most are locals, but many migrant workers too, especially those who have been part of the bridge-building in Kedgaon and Ahmednagar. Out of these 156 patients, 116 have been discharged and all are reoortedly in good health.

Regular sanitization is done in the campus and general cleanliness is also looked after. Together with prayers and good service offered to these patients, many of them have said that they really felt at home here.

On the day of their arrival, many of them come with broken spirit and a lot of worry regarding their own health and also of their family. After their stay and successful recuperation, they go out with good memories, a strong resolve and optimistic attitude to live out their lives amidst the struggles of daily life amidst the COVID-19 chaos.