BIS #6403 St. Anne's Ahmednagar COVID-19 2nd Wave Relief

by Father Augustine Pereira for BISMumbai

St. Anne's Parish Ahmednagar reached out to another 65 poor and needy parish families, distributing 65 relief kits containing provisions and toiletries with 40 vaporizers in July 2021. Since April 2020, Fathers Egidius Falcao and Augustine Pereira are coordinating this relief-outreach to the most poor needy parishioners.

With sincere appreciation and gratitude to all those who have thus far been financially supporting this outreach, it is to be noted that the situation of the affected families is deplorable. This positive response of reaching out with the possibile minimum essentials is a way of support and solidarity.

Through this ' stay healthy, stay safe' venture, efforts are being constantly made to reach the unerached, follwoing all appropriate guidelines and protocols.