BIS #6715 Marian Month at Chhotaudepur

By Cl. Sanket Chauhan for BISMumbai

Don Bosco, Chhotaudepur, inaugurated the Marian Month on 17 July 2022. The theme of the Marian Month is 'Matane pagle, Prabhu ne charne’ (walking in the footsteps of our Mother to the Lord's feet).

For the inauguration, the boys of the boarding decorated the place fitting to celebrate the occasion with beautifully made grottos and notice-boards. Fr Chris Ferreira and Br Tony Manikam unveiled the Marian Calendar, and declared the Marian Month open.

Don Bosco always exhorted his sons to spread devotion to Mary our Mother, and the most creative way through which he instilled love for Mary among his boys was through the Marian Month. Also, Mary holds a special place in the hearts of the Rathwa boys as their Mother and Guide.

The most exciting event of the day was the cricket tournament was conducted for the boys to kick start this occasion with much excitement and competition.