BIS #6505 SYM 'Shepherd's Dream' at Lonavla

by Cleric Ambrose Monteiro for BISMumbai

The SYM [Salesian Youth Movement] members of Don Bosco Lonavla came together for the 'Shepherd's Dream' on 23 October 2021. The youth event was hosted at Don Bosco Lonavla at 09 am with 20 youth.

The programme began with a warm up action-song, 'Who gives the faith' after which the youngsters participated in the Holy Eucharist. The mass was celebrated by Rector Father Blany Pinto, with Deacon Joyston Machado as the homilist, who preached about comparison between the fig tree and our lives. Later, 02 session were held: 'The Shepherd's Dream' by Machado and 'Our Response to the Dream' by Father LEon Cruz Ratinam.

The youth event was not just about Don Bosco and his dream but also about inculcating leadership qualities in the youth. After the theoretical aspect of the Shepherd's Dream, delicious lunch awaited the youth. The practical aspect of building leadership qualities and team spirit was highlighted with a very interesting game called 'Saving the World' which was enjoyed by everyone. Neherdeep Gaikwad, an active member of the SYM shared, “Everyone look different! I am loving what I am experiencing! "

Next, the youth experienced the Taìze prayer-cum-Adoration, with confession. The commitment session followed with the youth planning their upcoming events and pledging themselves as 'SYM members.'

Alisha Bosco said, "It is very exciting to be in such a vibrant youth group! The SYM is something which I have never experienced before. "