BIS #6152 Don Bosco Alirajpur starts Pisciculture to motivate poor farmers

by Father Cedrick Sankul for BISMumbai

Don Bosco Alirajpur has commenced 'pisciculture' or fish farming to help motivate poor, marginalised farmers in the aftermath of the COVID-19. Father Pratap Damor and Naval Jamor initiated the project for the rural poor in 09 villages of Alirajpur District as part of the village development programme. The goal is to ensure self-sufficiency for the poor farmers and to provide them with alternative livelihoods. .

A total of 186 packets containing about 1, 86, 000 fish-hatchlings were supplied to the farmers. Each packet with about 1000 fish-hatchlings and priced at Rs. 350/-, contains 04 types of fish varieties - Katla, Commankar, Rohu and Naren. The 09 villages where this scheme has been initiated are: Gadath, Behdwa , Badadla, Kharpai, Rajawat, Tithi, Deepa ki Chauki, Ramsingh ki Chauki and Amba.

The packets were distributed to the farmers at the subsidiary rate of Rs.200/- each. to breed in their ponds and wells It is hoped rhat with this initiative the farmers will be able to generate income and thus sustain themselves. It also has the social dimension of togetherness, unity and building rapport among the villagers to come and work together and also to protect the village ponds and wells. Leaders are appointed to look after the ponds and wells so that miscreants do not maje away with the fish-hatchlings.