BIS #6143 Divyadaan Nashik celebrates Professors with 'Lead Us to the Truth'

by Clerics Johny Lamare & Aegidius Pereira for BISMumbai

On 05 September 2020 Divyadaan: Salesian Institute of Philosophy celebrated Teachers’ Day with the theme ‘Lead us to Truth’. The celebration began with a moment of prayer led by Cleric Santhosh Kennemuriyil during which he thanked and praised God for the gift of teachers who lead lives of commitment and self-sacrifice.

The scholastics felicitated their professors with a well performed programme that included a band-piece ‘Seven Nation Army’, a group song, a one-act play and a mime underlining the importance of searching for the hidden treasure in one’s life, i.e., ‘The Truth’.

Rector adn Principal Father Banzelão Teixeira, commended the efforts of the professors to nourish the well-being of the students through online classes. He appreciated Registrar-Father Leon Rodrigues, for following up and making the arrangements amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Addressing the professors he said, "our purpose as teachers was not to create students in our own images and without being discouraged with the participation when not up to the mark, instead we should accompany the students, for they have a huge treasure hidden within them which is yet to be uncovered."

Cleric Jins Puthiyathu proposed the vote of thanks, following which the professors cut a cake and snacks were served to all.