BIS #6595 DEEP Don Bosco Dakor celebrates Women

by Father Ajay Shelke for BISMumbai

On 12 March’ 2022, DEEP- Don Bosco celebrated women’s day for the women of Dakor villages. The theme of was: “Swavlambit samaj matey saman samaj rachiye”(For sustainable society, create an equal society).

There were 490 women who enjoyed the women day celebration. There were two prominent guests and speakers to motivate the women towards sustainable future and gender equality. Dr. Prof. Mitalben Macwan, the head of the English department of Anand Arts College while addressing the women stressed more on their capacities and various talents the Creator has given to them. The given gifts should be developed and utilized for oneself, family and the society. She also highlighted women issues and gender sensitivity by respecting other women in the family and society.

Dr. Geetaben Parmar- a gynecologist from Gopi Hospital Dakor town spoke about gender equality and self-respect. She made them aware of respect and acceptance of baby child through her own personal experiences with pregnant women. In most of the cases the women were not so happy to have a girl child or show a kind of useless delivery when they come to know on the delivery table that the child is a baby girl. She highlighted importance of gender equality for sustainable future. Both the speakers were really impressed by the rural and simple women coming forward on the stage to speak about their success stories after coming in contact with DEEP Don Bosco and performing skits and garbas.

The annual report of all the activities of DEEP and the details of all the SHGs were read and shown on power point presentations.