BIS #6996 Southopedia at DB Kurla

By Mr Jaden Gomes and Ms Karen Crasto for BISMumbai

On 28 July 2023, the second year students of the Hospitality Studies department of Don Bosco College, Kurla, hosted their annual theme lunch event ‘Southopedia’, which comprised a melange of foods from the vibrant states of South India.

The event commenced at 10:30 a.m. wherein the guests were first introduced to the traditions and cuisines of South India through a short presentation. They were then escorted to their table at the Fr Aurelius Maschio Training Restaurant with a delightfully set ambience. The glass windows were utilised as canvases on which symbolic paintings were artistically displayed. After being warmly greeted, the menu was elaborately explained, followed by the service. There was a choice between vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals for the starter course and the main course. Service was brisk, meticulous and prompt at all times.

The meal food was a perfect balance of colour, taste, textures and flavours. Every morsel was a soulful taste of south Indian cuisine and its vibrant flavours and spices. The meal reminded the guests of the essence of South India and its exquisite food. All of this was only enhanced by the traditional Southern attire that was donned by the servers. The girls wore traditional South Indian sarees and the boys wore white shirts with white mundu.

The event came to a close with an eclectic array of desserts from different regions of the south such as Pazham Pori, Kerela Halwa, Adhirasam, Kuthari Payasam. All of these desserts were a burst of flavours from the Payasam to sweet halwa and deep-fried golden pazham pori. 

It was a refreshing and heart-warming experience to not just partake of this fine dining experience in college but to also watch the second-year students exude so much confidence as the hosts for the event.  It was certainly a privilege to be a guest at the event and the aura and essence of Southopedia lingered long after the event came to an end. It was a memorable afternoon indeed.