BIS #6616 Summer Camp at Bosco Boys' Home

by Cleric Gaurav Sansare for BISMumbai

On 26 April, the Bosco Boys home inaugurated the Summer Camp for the children of the nearby Gautam Nagar slums. The age group of the children who are attending this is 8 to 16 years. At a time when the authorities had recently demolished their homes, this camp comes as a relief.

The director of the Bosco Boys Home, Fr. Corlis, had this vision to bring these children here and provide them with opportunities that will be extremely useful for their futures. From teaching Spoken English to Music to Dance, Art, Crafts, Computers and Sports, these children will gain all kinds of exposure, keeping in mind that the vision of the camp is to give the children a platform where they can express themselves and ultimately develop the confidence to take on the challenges that the future may hold.

During the inauguration one of the staff addressed the children with these words "we are here to learn something, and this is the where you can build your confidence. Here is your opportunity to know yourself, what you can do, your abilities and strengths. The children showed great enthusiasm and interest.

The summer camp will end on 31 May with a cultural programme followed by a picnic.