BIS #7164 Scout and Guide Camp at DB Naigaon

By Mrs Dorothy Fernandes for BISMumbai

On 2 March 2024, Don Bosco High School and Junior College, Naigaon, hosted the Annual Scout and Guide Camp. Around 675 students from Grades 6 to 9 attended the camp. Together with the camp motto, ‘Be Prepared’, and Strenna 2024 ‘The dream that makes you dream’,  the camp's theme, emphasised the value of imagination, readiness, and teamwork. 

At 7 a.m. the camp began with students assembling on the school grounds, where the Flag Break ceremony was held. A prayer song and the flag song added a patriotic and respectful tone to the day.

Fr Dominic Martis, the Rector, gave a reflective speech emphasising leadership, service, and readiness are the foundation of scouting and guiding. He remarked, "Let's make the most of today and this chance to learn how to dream big while we participate in activities that will help us develop into decent and good human beings."

The students were engaged in a plethora of Scouting activities during the day, including tent pitching, gadget making, pioneering projects, and basic knots. The senior scouts and guides then assumed the position of mentors, sharing with the junior members important details about knot tying, the meaning of the motto, and the rich history of scouting and guiding.

The students were invited to bring their written dreams as per the theme of the camp. Students were then told to draw and write a paragraph on their dreams and were then allowed to share their dreams with others by having them on display. The participants were eager to share their dreams with others and came forward to read them aloud. They then unleashed their creativity on a 6-metre-long canvas, creating vibrant and expressive graffiti that reflected the theme and their artistic flair, adding a splash of colour and creativity to the camp environment.

The teachers organised a quiz for the campers to assess their knowledge and comprehension of general information, the history of scouting and the scouting and guiding ideals. Teachers also planned fun games that encouraged physical fitness, collaboration, and friendly rivalry. The movie ‘Let Us Change’ was screened for students. This gave the students a fun and restful diversion from the day's activities and promoted a sense of camaraderie and shared experiences.

The camp culminated in a series of lively and engrossing cultural programmes that highlighted the student’s ability, originality, and diversity while focusing on group themes like respect, fraternity, cooperation, and team spirit. It was a lively occasion that united students, instructors, and scoutmasters in a celebration of education, friendship, and adventure.