BIS #6920 Youth Pasch Held at Pune, Lonavla and Kapadvanj

By Fr Osborn Furtado and Fr Ashwin Macwan for BISMumbai

The Paschal Triduum is central to liturgy and to the catholic faith. In order to celebrate it more meaningfully, the Youth Services sector organised its annual event the 'Youth Pasch' at Pune, Lonavla and Kapadvanj from 5-9 April 2023. A total of 52 youngsters participated in a series of informative sessions and spiritual activities focused on the celebration of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus.

At Pune, it was held at Don Bosco Youth Centre, Koregaon Park. The event began with a commitment session led by Fr Osborn Furtado, the Director of the Salesian Catechetical Center, which encouraged participants to make a commitment to follow Jesus and live by his teachings. On Maundy Thursday, Fr Ian Doulton, the Rector, organized a session on love and relationships, while Fr Furtado, led the 'exodus experience' for the participants. The day concluded with a celebration of the Lord's Supper and the service of washing of feet, with Father Doulton speaking about the significance of the Last Supper of Christ in his homily.

On the second day, Fr Blany Pinto led a session centered on forgiveness, and dying to self, which was followed by the Way of the Cross and the Passion Service. On Holy Saturday, Fr Furtado animated the meditation which was followed by a session on the gift of life by Sr Teresa Joseph. The second session was conducted by Fr Stanley Fernandes, the ICYM Youth Director, highlighting the importance of forgiving others. At 11:30 pm, the Easter vigil celebration took place, with Fr Vivian D'Souza as the main celebrant.

Overall, the Youth Pasch was a spiritually enriching experience for the participants, who reported that the event helped them better understand themselves and the mysteries of faith. Similarly, the Youth Pasch at Kapadvanj, under the guidance of Fr Ashwin Macwan, and at Lonavla, under the guidance of Fr Leon Cruz Ratinam proved to be enriching to the participants.