BIS #6462 Don Bosco Nerul with TSS reachout to worst-hit in flood-ravaged Chiplun

by Father Barnabe D'Souza for BISMumbai

The recent floods in July 2021, destroyed 2 districts in the Konkan region, one of them being Chiplun which was the worst hit. The water level had reached almost up to 6 feet in many villages. Moreover, there was a landslide so massive that five to ten feet of mud had fallen over around 45 – 50 villagers that got buried under it. Basic facilities like drinking water supply, electricity, and mobile connectivity got severely affected after the floods. Those that had an inverter, switched it on only momentarily to charge their phones fearing a short circuit. Transporting relief material was proving to be tough due to washed out roads, no electricity or mobile connectivity in these affected areas.

Groceries and other essential materials were being distributed by other NGOs, Don Bosco Nerul collaborated with Team Spreading Smiles (TSS). They extended help by providing the villagers with High Power LED Solar Lanterns. These lamps charge on Solar Power. The villagers were also sent few medicines like Vitamins, Paracetamol, and Multi-Vitamin Tablets due to their susceptibility to various illness.

Mr. Palshikar-Don Bosco Volunteer, personally drove 8 to 9 hours on 3 separate occasions to reach the villages in Chiplun and distributed the lights and medicines walking on foot for hours in slushy terrain. He says, “People are struggling to have some light after sunset, they expressed their gratitude, saying it was as much essential like food for them”.

The LED Solar Lanterns had come as a huge relief to the people, one of their leaders, overwhelmed, said, “At least now we will be able to live with some light in our house amidst the darkness enveloping our nights past these few days. This will solve our problem till electricity is restored.”

Let us pray for the people of Chiplun to return to normalcy, good health and have their lives remended again.