by Father Richard Burkhao for BISMumbai

Don Bosco Waluj, Aurangabad distributed mango saplings to farmers in 05 villages from 25–27 July 2020. This year the institute is focused on 'Creating A Green World' in it's adopted villages and beyond. The social development field staff with Don Bosco Waluj Director-Father Richard Burkhao addressed 25 farmers each at Puri, Bhoyegaon, Narsapur Solegaon and Pendapur villages in Gangapur, on mitigating climate change.

The Marathwada region of Maharashtra is staring shockingly at the alarmingly rapid deforestation. Effective counter-measures to stem this rapid deforestation is needed. Farmers were supplied with mango saplings to cultivate in their fields and nurture them to full growth. Getting farmers interested and involved in mitigating climate change is a challenging and daunting task. It is the endeavour of Don Bosoc Waluj to gradually convince the traditional farmers that it is in their personal interest to preserve Mother Earth. The farmers were also encouraged to experiment in 'organic farming' training sessions, preparing organic fertilizers, waste decomposition and intercropping ( grow a crop among plants of a different kind). A selected group of such farmers would be attached to Don Bosco Waluj Institute for the period of training.

The farmers were grateful to Don Bosco for adopting their villages and for taking the initiative to promote organic farming. More especially, they were grateful for the mango saplings, pledging to care for these.