by Father Barnabe D'Souza for BISMumbai

As tension mounts over the COVID-10 flare up amidst a calibrated easing of lockdown restrictions over the next few weeks, with efforts being made to strike a balance through constant monitoring of the containment zones, the Salesians and the Don Bosco School Management based at Seawoods-Nerul in Navi Mumbai are sparing no efforts to reach the stranded unreached. With Mumbai accounting for 18% of India's and 65% of Maharashtra's COVID-19 tally with 4, 200 infected individuals in 930 containment zones, it is indeed a high-risk factor reaching out to the most vulnerable and needy.

Although social distancing and preemptive protocol procedures are being rigorously followed, the need of the hour is to ensure basic survival essentials for those bereft of any other means of accessing these. The Don Bosco Nerul School Staff and Management have through constant analysis, identification and networking, almost on a daily basis, managed to make several inroads to bring COVID-19 Relief Aid to the deprived impoverished.

Hostelites, other casual daily wage earners and migrant labourers in Agroligav of Belapur approached Don Bosco Nerul volunteers to assist them for daily sustenance. Agroligav has several hostels accommodating skill-trainees who pay rents, cook their own meals and also have to pay other bill-charges. It is also home to masons, plumbers, home-delivery labourers, scrap-scavengers, samosa/bhel puri vendors and garland makers. With a meagre roof over their heads, but without essential basic supplies for daily sustenance these cannot afford to procure provisions either for individual or family consumption. On receiving this request-plea for aid, and upon verifying the ground-reality, Don Bosco Nerul has provided sizeable food packets to help these hostelites, individuals and families in need, tide over a fortnight.

This sustained outreach is made possible, thanks to the generous financial assistance from all those who believe in 'Donate-for-a-Cause'.