BIS #6170 DEEP Don Bosco Dakor orients SHGs in Thasra Taluka

by Father Ajay Shelke with Father Pravin Makwana for BISMumbai

On 25 September 2020, a 01-day input programme for Self Help Groups [SHGs] was organized by DEEP Don Bosco Dakor in Visnagar and Porda villages of Thasra taluka. DRISTI Don Bosco Kapadvanj SHG programme coordinator Mahendra Macwan was the resource animator for the day-long orientation. DEEP SHG incharge Saroj Khristi and Father Pravin Makwana arranged the training.

In Visnagar, an existing SHG-Palak, was struggling since long, as 03 of its members decided to opt out, in the prevailing lockdown amidst finance struggles. Another SHG-Shifa, in the same village, shutdown due to issues of misunderstanding, distrust and loan-lending. In Porda village, 08 SHGs which are functioning well serve as an inspiration to forming of other SHGs. Discovering the benefits of self-organised financial savings through the SHGs, 16 women from another faliya decided to form their own SHG-Vasant.

The SHG members were encouraged to continue together for the betterment of their own groups, while the disbanded SHGs were asked to resolve their disputes and find amicable solutions. Father Makwana congratulated the women for coming together for social and economical progress. He said, "trust and help each other and be strong to face any challenge." Macwan explained the purpose of starting a SHG and detailed the process of SHG-functioning. He said, "The effort you make to come together and help yourselves will sustain your social and economical growth."