BIS #6518 Dominic Savio Andheri celebrates its children

by Glacxy Ferrao & Valerie Mascarenhas for BISMumbai

Since 14November was a Sunday this year, St. Dominic Savio High School Andheri celebrated Children’s Day on Monday 15 November 2021, on the virtual platform with immense joy, enthusiasm and merriment. Though the students are yet to get back to physical schooling on account of the pandemic, the teachers left no stone unturned to celebrate our children and make this day a very special and memorable one for them. A variety of fun-filled performances, activities and games were planned by the teachers across all the three sections to make the celebration joyful, entertaining and meaningful.

The festivity began with an invigorating prayer service extolling the Almighty God and asking Him to lead and guide our children in their journey of life. Manager and Rector-Father Brian Moras blessed the students and told them that these challenging times have brought in opportunities to grow, to do things differently and to spend time with loved ones. Father Moras asked the children to look beyond the realm of selfie culture into the vent of the less fortunate and be grateful for all the graces that the Lord has bestowed on them.

Warm wishes and an elating exercise by the Principal-Valerie Mascarenhas brought thrill and delighted. The teachers’ tribe engaged and entertained the students to make them feel awesome and exhilarated on this day. The gamut of fun-filled activities planned by the teachers included Riddles, Wordwalls, Guess the animal from the emojis, Vocabingo, Spin the Wheel, Picture Perfect, What’s in the Basket, Lucky Names, Guess the Word, etc., which kept the students entertained. The little ones cordially dialogued with the teachers to understand the significance of the day and how they could make a difference in the lives of less fortunate children.

Teachers dressed in black pulled off some awesome dance moves shaking their legs to the rock beats and hit numbers like ‘Follow the Leader.’ Every home seemed a mini stage where the students joined in with the teachers, whistling and grooving in harmony on the virtual screen. The icing on the cake was when parents too joined in the festivity. An emotional chord was struck when they hugged and kissed their little one saying, ‘I love you’. The students felt overwhelmed by all the love showered on them by their teachers virtually even though they missed meeting them physically in school. That they enjoyed their special day was evident from their happy, smiling faces, their excitement and gleeful chatter. The celebration concluded with a vote of thanks by the class monitor.

As we archive one more reel on the virtual drive, we lift our intentions to the Lord for a healthy and restored world for the future of our children.