BIS #6269 Don Bosco Lonavla Diamond Jubilee 'DJ60' Launched

by Vijay Clement Pereira & Cajetan D'Souza for BISMumbai

Don Bosco Lonavla [DBL] - the 3 magical words, the 3 nostalgic words refer to a place that holds the fondest memories of our lives and an institution that has shaped so many lives shining brightly. While the classrooms of DBL have produced the brightest minds, the playground has toughened up the characters, the corridors have instilled discipline, the church has made the foundation strong with values of love, peace and compassion to make this world a better place and the campus has ruled over our hearts -my DBL, your DBL, our DBL.

Started in 1962, the place is now slowly moving towards another milestone - the Diamond Jubilee. The past pupils of this esteemed institution have now come together to re-create the magic once again. A core committee has been formed, with 06 different operational committees, with specific portfolios, data-base renovation and a dedicated, committed and supportive venture is in place aided by the well wishers of DBL

Recently, on 08 December 2020 at 6:30pm, with a celebratory fanfare and a huge hullabaloo, the 1st event- the launch of Don Bosco Lonavla Diamond Jubilee Logo was a success.

People from different fields - creativity, events, finance, legal, marketing, data-building - came together, worked hard to produce one of the finest logo, a logo that celebrates DBL shaping and moulding young minds, nurturing them and strengthening them to face the world and to contribute to make this world a better place, producing diamonds, for 60 glorious years! Due to the COVID-19 restrictions and situation, this event was launched with a beautifully edited AV that took all down memory lane.

Father Blany Pinto, the present Rector of DBL blessed us with his opening prayers followed by the traditional lighting of the lamp and a welcome song. Coordinators of different committees pledged their dedication, support and commitment towards the celebration management.

Cajetan D’Souza and Inacio Rodrigues, who have been spearheading the biggest reunion of Don Bosco Lonavla encouraged everyone to participate and to make a difference in whatever way they can.

Sincere appreciation for the following members of the planning team for their enormous support extended towards creating the LOGO Launch AV:

Fathers Blany Pinto, Godfrey D'Souza, Glen Fernandes and all the other priests and clerics at DBL contributed with their prayers, presence and support all the time, enabling the ease of coordinating things. Very warm, approachable, always prompt and super supportive Blany Pinto's inspiring words in the context of the preparation for the Diamond Jubilee Celebration are, “Don’t look at it as means to raise funds only, look at it as a celebration. Everyone should have a good time.”

Samèer & Vijay Xavier directed the AV and helped build the final content. A lot of effort, time and thoughts were invested into producing the same, with Zoom calls till early morning or spending the night working on the project not dampening their spirit. They were there, committed and dedicated. This 'Sholay' duo are sure to shine bright by the end of the DJ60 celebration; Nikesh, our very own 'Flashman', went all the way to Lonavla to shoot and brought in a resource (editor Santosh) to work on the project free of cost. With his hard work and passion towards work that is pretty inspiring, he was there to run around at the last moment, refusing to back down when things looked difficult;

Gavin, another superhero, worked on the creatives and brought in great amount of useful contribution when the team needed it the most, proving that when you need your best 300 Spartans to fight a war, you would definitely want to choose this guy; Everest, the anchor for the DJ60 logo launch evening, shone brightly with his energy, style and offered his talent to make this show look more elegant. He made sure the show sequence was connected well;

Jasmine, young on the professional circuit, a bit timid yet honest, self-motivated and energetic, showed immense interest right from the beginning and her presence in the group kept stirring the excitement. She worked well with her team to amplify this event to generate maximum publicity and eyeballs; Roney, a talent-power house with his son was ready in no time with the welcome song, composing the lyrics, setting the tune, music, singing and recording. All of this, while his son was preparing for his exams. A beautiful rendition alongwith creating of teasers; Brendan, entertained by bringing in the famous band - 02 girls and a Guitar. He was instrumental in getting their recording bit done on time; Father Crispino D'Souza, who offered his office space, for an entire night so that Samèer and our editor Santosh could work together;

Austein Dabre, the final DJ60 Logo designer; Last but not the least, Cajetan D'Souza and Inacio, Rodrigues, the 'Rush Hour' duo, with the fire to do something big for Don Bosco Lonavla. The time, collation of information, guidance, team building, resource connection, and so much more that inspires others to do their bit; Also, Kshirsagar, Marion, Diana, Willy, Lenny, Kenny, Matthew, Gajendra, Nikki, Mustafa, James, Bonnie, Sinclair, Glen, and VCP, who have contributed in one way or the other, who helped re-create the DJ60 magic together with the benefactors, donors, viewers, well wishers and all supporters deserve a big applause for having set the DBL DJ60 ball rolling!