BIS #6638 Guiding Youth the DB Way

By Cl. Rohan D’Souza for BISMumbai

Don Bosco School, Nerul, conducted a workshop on ‘Career Guidance and Career Education’ for the teachers on 9 June 2022. The workshop was animated by Dr (Father) Ajoy Fernandes, the Director of Prafulta.

During the session, not only did Fr Fernandes explain the distinction between ‘career guidance’ and ‘career education’, but he also stated that both components should be employed by individuals to achieve success. He also stressed on the importance of teachers assisting students in developing their own profiles by analysing their strengths and limitations. Fr Fernandes then addressed all the questions of the teachers.

Teacher (Ms) Annie Gomez said, “The insights provided by Father Ajoy have been an eye opener to the role we educators can play in supporting our students in their educational journey.”

In another session Fr Leon Cruz Ratinam, the Director of Don Bosco Youth Services, conducted an interactive workshop for the staff in the auditorium. The workshop aimed at overcoming challenges in education through the ‘Don Bosco Way’. After a video about the three pillars of Don Bosco Way (Rapport, Reason, and Religion) was shown, the educators discussed their own unique approach to cultivating true believers in pupils by establishing rapport and being reasonable.

The workshop came to a close with an open discussion about the strategies to be implemented for the upcoming year, as well as a solid reflection on the positives and improvements needed in the challenging task of educating the young.

Teacher (Ms) Neeru Nigam remarked, “There is something new to learn and imbibe through the ‘DB Way’ workshop”.