BIS #6390 Don Bosco Lonavla organises 'Quizzing @ Home'

by Cleric Ambrose Monteiro for BISMumbai

Don Bosco Lonavla High School and Junior College organised its annual General Knowledge Quiz 2021-22 on Tuesday 20 July 2021 via Google Forms.

The GK Quiz aptly titled 'Quizzing @ Home', consisted of 50-set questions on varied topics. This set of question was sent to the students, who were expected to complete it within a duration of 30 minutes. The responses were to be submitted by this time-frame, after which the competition was closed. Every question in the 50-set quesions was compulsory, and no student could submit the form midway.

This GK Quiz, was organised by teachers Priiya Shinde and Brother Aliester D’souza, with the sole objective to to help deepen the general knowledge of the students.