BIS #6665 School Elections at DB Kawant

By Cl. Alan D’Silva for BISMumbai

On 25 June 2022, Don Bosco High School, Kawant, organized ‘Election day’ to elect its leaders for the Academic Year 2022-23. Present at the event was the Principal, Fr Rixson Nigrel, teachers and students.

The programme began with a few introductory words by Fr Nigrel. He said, “Voting implies using one's freedom responsibly.” He further exhorted them to vote for the right person rather than allowing their votes to be bought. This was followed by a few instructions regarding the procedure for voting by Cl. Alan D’Silva. The ballot system was employed for the election.

Elections in schools are good opportunities to build students into responsible citizens for the nation. Through this exercise, they learn to make right choices for the betterment of the community.