BIS #6366 SDB Yoga at Wadala

by Brother Vishal Waghmare for BISMumbai

MumbaiSalesians' Shelter Don Bosco [SDB] at Wadala [W]-Mumbai, organised an hour-long yoga-session on International Yoga Day (IYD) , 21 June 2021.

Father Akhil Abraham provided a brief input on the benefits of yoga and its effectiveness in maintaining physical and mental wellness. The boys and staff performed various yoga-asanas, complemented by a brief commentary for each asana. All the SDB on-campus members participated with enthusiam and performed various asanas, since the benefits of this practice were reiterated.

Yoga is an important part of the SDB programme, organised with varying frequency for the boys and the staff, since yoga-practice improves mind, body and soul consciousness, relieving tiredness or laziness.