BIS #6993 28 Tailoring Students Graduate at DB Nerul

By Mr Allwyn Sequiera for BISMumbai

Don Bosco, Nerul, held a Graduation Ceremony on 29 July 2023, honouring the achievements of 28 talented tailoring students under the collaboration of Sui Dhaga NGO. The ceremony was particularly special as it marked the culmination of months of hard work and dedication for these remarkable individuals. 

The highlight of the ceremony was the valedictory address delivered by Fr Barnabe D’Souza, Rector of Don Bosco, Nerul. In his speech, Fr D’Souza shared profound reflections on the significance of education and the impact of the tailoring training received by all the graduates. He emphasised the importance of self-reliance and encouraged them to carry forward their learning wherever they are and inspire many more young women to create a better future for themselves.

The presence of the mentors and those involved in the training further enriched the ceremony. They distributed certificates to all the graduate students in the tailoring unit, acknowledging their hard work and dedication. For the students, this ceremony was a moment of gratitude and appreciation. Two of the graduates: Ms Joisy Jofy and Ms Subhya Bharti from the tailoring unit, remarked, “We feel proud of having graduated from tailoring”. They took the opportunity to express their heartfelt thanks to their mentors, especially Mr Mathew George, Senior Coordinator, Don Bosco Social Development Services, Nerul, and their families for their unwavering support throughout their journey. 

The tailoring course at Don Bosco’s is coordinated by Ms Vaishali Waghmoda from Sui Dhaga and assisted by Ms Tarannum Khan. They offer a six-month diploma course for migrant women in the city. Those who benefit from the project are economically challenged, and this vocational skill provides their families with another source of income. 45 women had enrolled for the present batch and 28 of them completed the course.

The graduation ceremony resonated with joy, inspiration, and hope, leaving an indelible mark on everyone present. It celebrated not only the students' tailoring excellence but also their choice of self-reliance in order to support their families.