by Father Anthony Patole for BISMumbai

MumbaiSalesians managing the Bosco Samajik Vikas Sanstha at Walwanda village in the Jawahar Taluka of Palghar District in Maharashtra, are all set to initiate COVID-19 Relief in the next few days.

As per the last census, 220 families, comprising 300 women and 320 men, in 06 hamlets inhabit the Walwanda village, which is slightly more densely populated than the other villages of Hiradpada and Hatheri. Situated just 130 kilometres from Mumbai, home to the inddigenous Warli tribe, Walwanda and the neighbouring villages are slowly addressing various issues of water shortage, malnutritional deficiencies, lack of proper health-hygiene-sanitation, early marriage, alcoholism, erratic schooling with large levels of dropouts, among other factors that have hindered development in the village and in the surrounding villages.

The Salesians at BSVS in order to enhance and enable the social development of the tribal populace have sought over the years to assess, identify and address these issues with sustained social outreach. Various awareness programmes and self-sustainability training are provided through the SHGs. As a solutions-oriented intervention a residential Technical Institute providing skill-training is also being managed.

In the prevalent COVID-19 disaster situation, the BSVS aims to reachout to 639 families in 12 villages in the 02 Talukas -Jawahar and Mokhada. The villages slotted for the Covid-19 Relief are Bhokdichapada, Kalsheti, Maklipada, Kokdha, Navghar, Barvadpada, Medha, Saturli, Dandval, Tirasgaon, Dapti and Dudgaon. 339 families in 07 villages of Jawahar and 300 families in 05 villages of Mokhada will benefit from a 13-item basic essentials provision kit. This relief outreach is made possible through the reserve fund donated by the IMF Spain.

The COVID-19 relief is being coordinated by Father Anaclete D'mello together with the social outreach staff of the BSVS.