by Father Blany Pinto for BISMumbai

Please could you share something about yourself - your family, your hobbies, likes, heroes, etc.?

My name is Kanishk James Thekemuri. I am a Malayalee, born and brought up in Gujarat. I like reading books, cycling, and listening to music. My favourite heroes are Varun Dhawan and Akshay Kumar. I grew up in a middle class family. My mom is a teacher.My dad is a retired Government servant.

Why Don Bosco Lonavla? What motivates you to go to the Pre-Novitiate?

I came to Don Bosco Lonavla to experience Salesian life. The love for youth, the charism of Don Bosco; the deep love and fondness that Salesians have for young people, are the reasons why I choose Don Bosco. This motivates and makes me go ahead to the PNC.

Any particular quote/prayer/saying of DB that has struck you?

One of Don Bosco's quotes which I like is: "We don’t go to Holy Communion because we are good, we go instead to become good."

Any favourite moments, experiences or interactions with Salesians?

Well I had good moments with Father Dinesh Vasava our earlier Gujarat Vocation Arnimator. I also helped Father Vasava in organising camps together. Those were very good moments.Also the interactions with the fathers and brothers in Lonavala were very good.

Any dreams or aspirations in the future as a Salesian? What about challenges?

Well I want to go into the counselling department as a Salesian, because I want to guide the youth in the best way possible.This is my dream. Yes, I will be able to cope up with the challenges because I know my strengths and weaknesses.

As you proceed ahead, any message for your companions after you?

I thank the fathers and brothers at Lonavla for accompanying me in this initial stage. My message to teh boys in Lonavla is, "this is the place to discern your vocation; you can approach any Salesian at any time. All the best."