BIS #7037 ‘Crossroads’ Held in Ahmednagar

By Fr Ajay D’Monte for BISMumbai

The Salesian Communities of Ahmednagar organised a two-day vocation camp with the theme ‘Crossroad’ at Bosco Gramin Vikas Kendra (BGVK), Ahmednagar. The camp began on the morning of 26 August 2023 and culminated in the evening of the following day. It turned out to be a mega event, as 94 children (both girls and boys) came to understand the Salesian vocation. 

On the first day of the camp, the youngsters were welcomed by the Salesian Fathers, Sisters, and animators. Soon after the division teams. Fr James Tuscano introduced all the organisers to the campers and gave them preliminary instructions. Fr Tuscano then conducted a session on crossroads in the Old Testament, wherein he guided the youngsters towards understanding the different people who are called by God in the Old Testament and, at the crossroads of their lives, the decisions they made to follow God. 

Soon after the lunch, Fr Briston Britto held a session on the crossroads in the lives of saints. Throughout the day, there were various sessions helping the children become aware of the various religious congregations in the church, while the priests and nuns spoke about their own congregations. Fr Richard D’Silva shared his vocation story with the campers, thus helping them understand the simplicity and complexity of God’s call. 

The following day, Fr Tuscano conducted a session on the crossroads in the New Testament. He helped the campers understand how vocation is seen throughout the New Testament and how various New Testament biblical figures responded to God’s call. Fr Ajay D’monte helped the campers understand various vocations in the church, and he also shared his vocation story with them. Later in the afternoon, Fr Vishwas Paraira presided over the Holy Eucharist. The camp concluded at 4:00 p.m. after a valedictory function.

Overall, the Camp was a fantastic opportunity for the participants to discover their calling. The campers were quite thrilled with all the activities and energy throughout the camp. They were very thankful for all that was done for them at the camp and were looking forward to the various other opportunities to come together.