BIS #6714 Green Career Opportunities

By Mrs Annie Gomez for BISMumbai

A career presentation on the topic ‘Environmental Career Opportunities’ was held at Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Nerul, on 18 July 2022. Students of Class X staged a spectacular show that portrayed various upcoming sustainability careers.

The programme started with a brief introduction and a quote by Mahatma Gandhi highlighting the evil of greed that leads to an imbalance in society. The radio show named ‘Crusaders of Mother Earth’ highlighted the threat faced by Aarey forest, the Laudato Si Movement and climate change. The students enacted Mr Beast, an internet philanthropist, and Mrs Sunita Narain, an environmentalist, and emphasised on their contribution towards the society through plantation of trees and restoration of habitat. A short video presentation shed light on eco-friendly business ideas. A few students acted as ‘Job Analysts’, and tried to elucidate various environmental career options like Indian Forestry Service, Environmental Engineering, MBA (Forest Management), Plastic Recycling Technology, Marine Biology and Air Quality Engineering. The aspiring Salesian entrepreneur, Cl. Nitesh Damor shared his experience on his green business ideas and the launch of eco-friendly products ‘Bio-Inspire’ which amazed the audience.

The Principal, Mrs Sangeeta Bhattacharya, commented that it was ‘a well-researched show’ and encouraged students to pursue green and sustainability careers. The head girl, Ms Grace D’Souza said: “The programme helped me to know that there is a broad scope of career options in the field of ecology”. Ms Iris Nalkara, a participant said: “It was an enthralling experience to enact the role of Mrs Sunita Narain in this programme. It felt like a great accomplishment.”