BIS #6459 St. Anne's Ahmednagar Vocation Team meets

by Sister Konita Kaulighar for BISMumbai

The St. Anne's Parish Ahmednagar 'Local Vocation Team' met with the Provincial Councillor for Vocation Animation Father Blany Pinto, on 21 September 2021. The meeting beagn at 6pm, chaired by Parish Priest-Father Augustine Pereira, who welcomed Father Pinto.

After the preliminaries, Father Pinto proceeded to give a brief overview of the various possibilities that exist in Don Bosco Lonavla and the role played by the Salesians to inspire, motivate, and educate the young. Father Pinto further pointed out that the main focus of all the activities is the all-round holistic development of each and every boy.

The Local Vocation Team, said Father Pinto, "has to accompany and mentor the young to discover themselves, their hidden potential and above all to bring them to a sense of God-given purpose in life."

The aim of the meeting was to maximize the outreach possibilities and to further animate the young people of the Parish. The 06-member Local Vocation Team, actively participated in the discussion, and drew up a programmstic line of action to engage with and enable the youth of the parish to actively participate in various parish initiatives.

The meeting was an enriching experience of discussion, dialogue and commitment to further action in the Don Bosco way.