BIS #6430 Don Bosco Lonavla Jagtik Adivasi Divas celebration

by Father Blany Pinto for BISMumbai

During this month of August, due to the heavy and incessant rains which continued throughout the month, many families in the villages were affected. We successfully reached to their aid and managed to distribute food grains to nearly 167 families in the three villages of Vaksai, Karandhuli and Mundhavare in Lonvala. Each food kit weighing 15 kgs of grocery was handed over to the families to sustain themselves during this difficult monsoon period.

Every year, 9 August is celebrated as a Jagtik Adhivasi day in India. This date has been declared by the government of India. Our social outreach staff had planned various activities for the villagers. However, due to heavy rains we could not celebrate the day. Nevertheless, a short history of Birsa Munda, a freedom fighter from Ranchi, was shared with the villagers as he is associated with the Jagtik Adhivasi day.

Ensuring a progressive effort of our social outreach despite the incessant downpour during the month, the staff continued to entertain the children on days when the showers were light by teaching and engaging them with paper craft activities. They were also taught to prepare miniature fruits or vegetables with clay. The children enjoyed working with clay. The villagers were taught to prepare eco-friendly rakhees and were explained the significance of raksha bandhan which was celebrated on Sunday, 22 August 2021. Nagpanchmi is a big feast in Maharastra. All the girls and small boys were given an opportunity to apply mehendi on their hands. We also distributed sweets to celebrate the feast.

For the month of September, we have planned to resume the tailoring classes that were suspended due to heavy rains. The students will be prepared for the government exams. This is a certified course and once they pass the exam and obtain a government certificate they will be entitled to the various schemes of the government meant for tailors, one of which includes acquiring a tailoring machine free of cost which could assist them in taking up tailoring as a profession or a source of livelihood.