BIS #6787 Tribal Youth Learn 3-D Printing at DBIT Mumbai

By Fr Mario Vaz for BISMumbai

Don Bosco Institute of Technology (DBIT), Mumbai, extended a warm welcome to 19 tribal students along with one of their professors from the Gokhale Education Society's Arts, Science and Commerce College in Jawahar Taluka, Palghar District, Maharashtra. They were invited to the Engineering College to participate in a five day residential workshop on 3D Modelling and Printing sponsored by M/s. Technotalent India Pvt. Ltd from 30 August to 3 September 2022.

3-D printed objects are used in several fields like aeronautics, mechanical engineering, medical and biomedical applications, handicrafts, jewellery making and so on. 3-D printing is an important livelihood skill that can be learnt by people from various walks of life.

Professors and students of the Mechanical Department familiarised the trainees with the User Interface of the 3D modelling software; helped them understand the fundamental methods and processes in 3D printing technology, and acquainted them with the use of the 3D printing machines.

The opportunity to use high end computers that worked flawlessly and superfast, simply amazed these village boys. They worked enthusiastically for seven hours each day as they mastered the commands for sketching 2D shapes and converting them into 3D models in the SolidWorks Lab. As one of the tutors put it; “We got instant responses in terms of their understanding as well as their respect which gave me great job satisfaction.” The boys had a field day exploring a hands-on use of the digital 3D sculpting program ‘ZBrush’ on their computers. A visit to the 3D Printing Lab – gave them information on the construction of a 3D printing machine and the Software used to 3D print.

To crown it all they actually printed their 3-dimensional creations using a 3D printer. For each of them this was something they never ever dreamt of, and they were overwhelmed with a sense of accomplishment.

Fr Anthony Pinto, Director, and Fr Mario Vaz, Executive Director, expressed their appreciation for the successful organisation of the workshop, and congratulated the students and the Engineering faculty and students who had organised an enjoyable useful program.

Each student was awarded a certificate of participation as well as the 3D printed keychain which was modelled by them and a small 3D printed gift as a memento of the completion of the 3D Modelling and Printing workshop held at Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Kurla. This workshop was indeed a boon for these young men who may not have the facilities that city-based colleges offer. Moreover the 3D Modelling and Printing training imparted would equip them with skills to start an enterprise and earn a livelihood.

This workshop has enabled DBIT to work towards:

UN Sustainable Development Goal #4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

UN Sustainable Development Goal #10: Reduce inequality within and among countries