BIS #6253 MHOC Naigaon launches action songs for Sunday School

by Father Joaquim Fernandes for BISMumbai

Mary Help of Christians Parish at Naigaon [Vasai Diocese], launched 'Christian Action Songs' for Sunday School on YouTube, on 01 January 2021. Parish Priest-Father Dominic Martis launched the 1st song of the album, produced by Father Joaquim Fernandes, as a sing-along Christian action song project, for students of the Sunday School. The song 'God is so good' is available on the individual YouTube channel of Father Fernandes, even as other songs are in the production pipeline.

Father Martis appreciated the production saying, “a great initiative by Father Fernandes to produce these action song videos for children, since they love audio-visuals. This is a creative way to train catechism children to love God and be authentic disciples of Christ. The videos have excellent content to engage children in the faith formation process in our parishes.”

Father Fernandes undertook the project to give the best possible content to children igniting their creative passion and lead them to love Jesus. This is a follow-up project of the Christian action songs published in the book 'Jesus–The Prince of Peace, First Communion Catechism'. This project is intended as a good resource for Catechism teachers imparting faith education.

The project's Creative Director-Nelson Fernandes, worked on the story board, processed the music, and created the animated visual effects. He says, “Video is everywhere; from traditional delivery platforms such as television to the smartphone in your pocket. There is increasing demand for video production as technological advances have made it possible for the church to use video as a communications platform.” The singing is by children from across, using Whatsapp, after the minus one track was produced. The completed audio mixing and mastering was done by Dennis Mhowdawalla, with Francis Gigool on the keyboard, who also programmed the music track.

At present, only the 1st of the animation songs is completed 'God is so good'. The other songs are in the production stage: In the Name of Jesus, Rock My Soul, It’s a Great Day, Righteousness, Peace and Joy, Praise Him Have You got a Sunshine Smile, It’s I who build Community, Father Abraham, I am a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N, God’s not Dead, He’s Got the Whole World, God’s Love, I Want to Clap, O Be Careful, Little Eyes, It’s a Great Day to Praise the Lord, O How I love Jesus, The Books of the Bible, We are Marching, I’ve Got the Joy in my Heart, I’ve Got Peace Like A River and Jumbo.

These songs are all published in the book 'Jesus the Prince of Peace-First Communion Catechism', published by TejPrasarini, Don Bosco Communications Matunga and available at The book tries to represent in a concise pictorial fashion, the story of Jesus for First Holy Communion catechesis, introducing Jesus to young children through a story-narrative, supplemented by colourful pictures.

The songs are available at Those interested in creating dubbed content in regional languages may contact