BIS #7065 Convocation and Commencement at DBITI Kurla

By Fr Charles Anthony for BISMumbai

On 18 September 2023, the Don Bosco Industrial Training Institute (DBITI) in Kurla welcomed 378 trainees, including 228 new faces, to mark the commencement of the Scholastic Year 2023-24. The inauguration ceremony was graced with a profound message: "Without confidence and love, there can be no true education." 

The event commenced on a solemn note with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp, which was followed by a prayer service. The prayer service featured an offertory procession, where symbolic offerings were made—books, safety tools and equipment, plants, and sports items—each holding a special meaning for the students. The symbolic offerings underscored the institute's commitment to providing a well-rounded education that encompasses academic excellence, safety, and personal growth.

Following the prayer service, the Principal, Mr Amarr Prabhu, introduced the institute's management and staff members, highlighting their competencies, qualifications, years of experience, and dedicated tenure at Don Bosco ITI. Fr Brian Moras, Assistant Director of Don Bosco College, took the stage to address both the trainees and staff members. In an inspirational speech, he emphasised the importance of finding happiness in the chosen trade, stating that true success stems from this happiness. He also encouraged the trainees to become ambassadors for Don Bosco ITI, acknowledging the hard work of the institute's staff. The instructors then solemnly took an oath, pledging to work in the Don Bosco way.

Just the previous day, on 17 September, DBITI celebrated the achievements of its 2023 graduates during the Convocation Ceremony. This event marked the culmination of years of dedication and hard work for the graduates, who were awarded certificates in front of a gathering of esteemed guests, faculty members, and proud families. A total of 190 trainees received their certificates, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. 

The Don Bosco ITI Convocation Ceremony 2023 was a day filled with celebration and reflection, honouring the dedication and hard work of the graduates. As these talented individuals venture forth into the world, they carry with them the values and knowledge instilled by DBITI, promising to make significant contributions to society.

Almost simultaneously, as the 2023–24 academic year kicks off, DBITI continues to shape future professionals, instilling in them not just knowledge and skills but also values that will guide them throughout their lives.