BIS #7198 Don Bosco Lonavla hosts and learns from life coach, Joey Mendonca

by Fr Blany Pinto sdb

Don Bosco Lonavla aspirants, staff, and school and junior College students were animated by Mr Joey Mendonca, life-skills coach and a benefactor, during the last week of June 2024 from 24 to 30, as he engaged the campus in various orientation sessions. 

Mendonca accompanied the aspirants and students with pertinent tips on study methodology, personality development and leadership. A regular over the past few years, his sessions evoke enthusiasm, bolster creativity and encourage personal responsibility. This time too, going by reactions garnered, Mendonca proved to be a big hit with the educands and the educators. 

Sessions involved group and individual interactions, creative dialogue and practical problem-solving for self and collective betterment 

Apart from this, Mendonca also devoted time to training lectors and cantors in an endeavour to uplift church music, singing and proclamation.  

The staff, and the students, gratefully acknowledged Mendonca's and pledged to follow up the lessons learnt personally and as a community.