BIS #7127 Christmas Panorama at DB Nerul

By Ms Sheryl D’Souza and Fr Akhil Abraham for BISMumbai

On 22 December 2023, the Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Nerul, celebrated the festive spirit of Christmas. In the preceding four weeks, the school had engaged in Advent prayer services held every Monday, featuring morning talks on the values of love, compassion and kindness synonymous with the Christmas season.

The day commenced on a spiritual note with a Holy Mass for the Catholic staff and students, while on the other side, a significant and meaningful prayer service was conducted that catered to those of other faiths. The school radiated the spirit of Christmas with dazzling lights, tinsel, and festive ornaments adorning every nook and cranny. Each student received a beautiful gift, adding an extra layer of excitement and gratitude to the occasion. In the spirit of generosity, the school organised various charity initiatives, including donation boxes to collect contributions for the less privileged. 

The festive celebration started with a meticulously crafted ‘Nativity Scene’ portraying the birth of Jesus Christ that served as a focal point for reflection, emphasising the profound meaning of Christmas. The school choir, trained by Fr Akhil Abraham, performed a soul-stirring rendition of classic Christmas carols that filled the air with harmonious joy. Festive dance performances and a lively jam session with Santa Claus added laughter and cheer as students and staff danced to the festive tunes. 

The celebration ended with a Christmas message by Fr Akhil Abraham -  the Vice-principal, followed by a Vote of Thanks by the Principal, appreciating the efforts and fervour showcased by the students and teachers in charge towards the programme.  

On 23 December 2023, the students of Don Bosco, Nerul, graced the stage at the Seawoods Nexus Mall with their captivating performances, marking the Christmas Panorama event.

The event commenced at 6:30 p.m. and unfolded into a mesmerising spectacle for an hour. The extravaganza began with an inspiring and illustrative Christmas skit brought to life by the talented students, beautifully accompanied by a choir of carol singers. This ensemble, under the tutelage of Fr Akhil Abraham, echoed melodies that touched the heart, resonating the true essence of the season.

What truly added an immersive touch to the narrative was the presence of skilled narrators from Grade 6 onward, meticulously describing each moment of Jesus Christ's birth, leaving a profound impact on everyone present.

The talent and dedication of the participants didn't go unnoticed. Journalists interviewed the performers, who expressed their gratitude for the overwhelming support from the audience, the Mall staff, and the Don Bosco School management. 

The event received unanimous acclaim from the witnesses, who lauded the creativity and hard work showcased by the students and teachers alike. Their efforts not only entertained but also kindled the festive spirit, fostering a memorable and heartwarming experience for all fortunate enough to witness this Christmas Panorama at Seawoods Nexus Mall.